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How does business coaching help?

Working with a business coach is a way in which growth minded business owners are now choosing to develop their skills, knowledge and ability in a live setting.

They don’t want to ‘go back to school’ as such, but they do want the results of doing things better in their day to day, and year to year business activities. They know they can value from the experience, and coaching skill of an independent specialist, and they want to accelerate the rate of progress for their company and for themselves.

Business coaching is a partnership between coaches with ‘business growth enablement knowledge’ and the ‘technician industry knowledge’ from the company owners. One brings the experience and awareness of how successful companies are planned, built and sold, and the other brings the experience of their industry, their people, and their customers. Together, they form a much more powerful basis for achievement.

Andy is an incredible communicator with gift to recognise what people need. He then drills down to find the best solution to help people and their businesses to blossom. I would recommend Andy’s services to whoever is little lost in the world of business and needs a guide or mentor. 👍

Tom Mnahoncak, Mahonyt IT

Within first few weeks of starting coaching, my coach analysed the finances and made us realise that our invoicing system was not working as it should. With his advice, we not only changed and improved our invoicing system, but also improved our cash collection which helped our efficiency and profitability.

Johan Kriek, Crew Contractors

Coaching with Andy helped us identify the issues that we had neglected as a company and provided us will solutions to best help our business. He has been extremely understanding of our industry and our challenges. With Andy’s help, we have been growing 70%+ for consecutively for last 2 years.

Camilla Laxton, Chatterbox Voices

A big part of business coaching is unravelling one’s mind to set actions that will develop a clear path toward your business and personal goals. Andy made me realise that one cannot do that alone. His ability to keep our sessions relevant, enjoyable, and knowing when not to speak or say too much, is a rare gift.

Niz Dollie, SFI Logistics

Andy’s ability to absorb a lot of information and quickly distil it into some clear action points made it possible to move through the stages of the project quickly and efficiently.

Liz Theron, Graphic Design

I felt that I needed a business coach to now grow my business and take it to the next level. I am implementing strategies learnt from Andy resulting me recruiting in new staff member to help so I can focus on growing the Business. My current business plan is to double my revenue within one year.

Lydia Gathogo, Logic Accountancy Solutions

Andy is a great business coach. He has vast experience in a variety of different industries and is able to quickly pinpoint what you need to work on in your business. My experience with Andy, has highlighted where I was going wrong, and what I can do fix it right away.

Aidan Lee, FitRoots

Andy helped us with business strategies, planning and understanding of finances. A small 10% increase in lead generation led to doubling our bottom line profits. What I really appreciate about Andy as a business coach is that he comes down to your level of understanding and not only give you the most suitable information but action points and strategies on how to implement them.

Mufaddal & Farida, Hobby and Crafts

Business results coach gave us motivation and direction. They are very responsive, solution-oriented and focussed on you and also on your team to push your business forward. I would definitely recommend working with business results coach.

Sky Ozlem, O-Moda Retail

I completed the Small Business Leadership Programme with Andy at the helm and it was an excellent and insightful 8 weeks. With a heap of material to get through Andy made it an enjoyable programme and kept the cohort talking, sharing and doing.

Richard Garland, Gradient Consultants

I would definitely recommend Business results coach, their approach is completely different from other business coaches and will make you think strategically. I will give Andy 10/10 and worth the investment in coaching which will help me to build a very strong business.

Anuuj Kohli, Oak Furniture House

Andy was very supportive, inspiring and would work weekends so that my problems can be resolved. I would recommend business coaching to any start-up because coach Andy Sharma would assist beyond the limits. His connections and networking are extensive, I found that very useful.

Funmi Lawal, ClipKnix

I attended the Small Business Leadership Programme in Q4 2020 which was lead by Andy. The course was very enjoyable. Andy is a seasoned Business Coach, who was able to both enlighten and engage with quite a disparate group of SME Leaders. I highly recommend Andy and the SBLP course.

Sonja Bentley, Fine Foods International

Andy was a great help in providing clarity on urgent actions required for me and my business to being to implement our growth strategies. I would recommend Andy for his friendly and constructive attitude to providing advice.

Peter Higginbottom, Planning Insight

Andy gives great strategic advice, and gets to the heart of the issue quickly with clearly recognisable strategies to problem solve. I would thoroughly recommend.

Pernille Stafford, Resonate Interiors

I coaching sessions with Andy and found him very easy to talk with and brought some very insightful awareness on how I am approaching my business and to look more closely at how I need to bring more of the ‘real’ me into how I work and manage my work. Thanks Andy – really left me feeling a lot of hope.

Debbie Bridge, Voiceover Actor, Singer

As a business owners we often feel, what can someone else teach us about our own business, but trust me, a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. Business coaching is not a luxury but a necessity for every business.
Having Andy Sharma as my business coach has changed my business around. We have grown so much in last year and still carry on growing. He doesn’t only work with me but also motivates my team to do better.
So if you are a successful business owner who is looking to grow your business and would like to have an excellent team that helps you with that goal every day then I would highly recommend speaking with Andy Sharma.

Bal Dhanda, Vehicle Service Centre

Would defiantly recommend Andy.
If you think you know enough about your business, spend 20 min with Andy and find out how successful you really are. If you are a business owner who is looking to grow the business and actually make money then Andy is your man
However if you don’t like being held accountable or are willing to change in order to achieve your goals then coaching may not be the right idea for you at this stage.

Vadim Sula, Kroll Interiors

Andy has been a great help to our business in even a short time. He has helped us focus on the things that matter and been a great source of information and ideas. He has a very methodical and professional approach and we would gladly recommend him.

Dean Louw, RB12 Design

As a coach, Andy brings knowledge of various industries and helps you focus on the growth of the business. He has helped reassess my strategy in tune with the changing times and build my marketing around it. I found Andy to be very result oriented and using the tools and strategy, I was able to generate 7-8 additional inbound leads for the business, within couple of weeks. I am looking forward to successfully scaling up my business in the next few months. If you have been in the business for a few years and seem to be plateauing, I would recommend requesting a session with Andy and having a fresh look at your business to identify opportunities for growth.

Saseendra Babu, Minuteman Press

We have been working with Andy for several months and he has provided coaching support to our startup charity.

As we began, he guided us through laying the foundations of our organisation, giving us visioning exercises to help us arrive where we needed to be. At first, we weren’t convinced of their value, but have since experienced them to have been the fundamental building blocks of the progress that we have made since.

Andy is collaborative in his approach and acutely perceptive in knowing what questions to ask to get to the heart of the issues we discuss. A great coach!!

Guy Shahar, Transforming Autism

We have rarely felt the need to appoint a business coach, and also questioned the value of having in the past as we have luckily had access to many different professional experts in the past. However, with Andy Sharma, we sensed that it was time to revisit our perceptions and take the plunge with someone not so close to the business already. We have been pleasantly surprised at the insightful questions, some of which feel awkward to answer, but that tends to be because we have buried our head in the sand in the subject in question. Thank you Andy for gently but persuasively guiding us and taking us upwards.

Shaylesh Patel, ASTOP Ltd

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