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Why Most Businesses owners fail get the right Value when selling!


Your business is probably your largest asset; so it’s normal to want to know what it is worth…but do you?

Assessing and more importantly, unlocking the value of your business can be tricky. After analysing more than 30,000 businesses, we discovered those companies with a ‘Value Builder Score’ of 80 or more received offers that are 71% higher than the average business.

Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply to know that you could, the ‘Value Builder’ system will help you dramatically increase the value of your company.

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How we help business owners!

“Business is about creating wealth and legacy, and every business owner deserves the opportunity to grow, succeed and achieve their goals.”


Our goal is to have a coach in every business in West London, should they choose to. We believe in spreading abundance through business re-education.


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Frequently Asked Questions about How we work!


We are often asked how coaching works and how we help businesses get great results. We have outlined a few frequently asked questions for you.


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This is what other business owners like You have to say about working with us!

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