It’s an interesting place to be, your own business.

It can feel like a prison more than a job at times. Whichever way you turn, and no matter how many ways you try and break your way past a certain barrier, you are stuck.

This can happen with limiting cash-flow, poor lead generation, static or declining sales conversions, team under-performance and negative attitudes, and even when trying but failing to attract buyers or negotiate a fair price for your company at the end of days.

It can happen in a whole lot of other areas of business too, and when they start piling up, it can start to feel like the same routine, within the same walls, with only limited chance for perks or time out. This may well by now start to feel a little uncomfortably familiar to you…

…that’s why it’s important to plan an effective escape.

If you don’t, that limited performance boundary can start to institutionalise your brain. You start to believe that there simply isn’t a way out, or a way through those blocking doorways…and you begin to accept rather than challenge what the other inmates are saying; “It’s just how it is, when you are a small business owner. Suck it up and do your time.” There are an awful lot of business prisoners out there passing that sad message on.

As an experienced business coach, I have helped hundreds of business owners break through limiting beliefs, crack the door to escape the cell of static performance, and scale the high fences of ultimate freedom by preparing the company and attracting potential buyers for their now more successful businesses.

The reality is that all good escapes come as a result of a considered plan, which is diligently prepared for  and excitedly executed. If you need proof of this check out great movies such as the Shawshank Redemption, The Great Escape, or even the TV series Prison Break… which were the creative spark for this blog!

If you are running a good business, but feel that you are unclear on how or when you can really achieve personal freedom from its demands upon you, then please get in touch. As an accredited Value Builder Coach I use the latest tools to identify where your business is currently valued and why, and then together with you work on improving your score across 8 different areas of valuation.

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